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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

From a simple will to a multinational estate, we have the tools and the knowhow to give you the best estate solutions.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

We take pride in helping you get into compliance and keep you there so
you can focus on other important issues in your life. We will take care
of you and you¹ll know you¹re in good hands with our commitment to our
clients and ³can do² attitude.

Tax Representation

Tax Representation

With over 35 successful years of representing our valued clients, we can quickly see where you are with your legal/tax matter(s), how to successfully approach the matters and what to expect in overcoming the problems that we carefully lay out in our plan tailored just for you and your expectations.



We offer practical accounting solutions for your business or industry. Know matter what type of business you are running, large or small, we can adjust and fit your situation.

Document Prep

At times you will need document preparation and we are ready willing and able to assist you.

Getting Started

Getting started with us is easy. Starting with an initial consultation and subsequent supporting documentation we will outline a time frame and cost.

Title Transfers

Title transfers can get complicated. We help sort through the myriad of decisions to keep you in compliance while at the same time getting your transactions completed.

Knowledge along with Experience


Simple will, let us help; complex structure, sure we are ready for those also.


The key to trust work is knowing which type of trust you and need and what will the future look like with that document. Let us assist you.


There is certainly much to say about Durable Powers, suffice to say, we are well versed in the various issuesCalifornia estates face.


Finally, the U.S. Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service is assisting people with the dilemma of choosing to become current with U.S. taxes or remaining potential targets for later discovery by the U.S. Treasury. As you may expect, the “Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedure” is complicated, but does contain provisions that are designed to actually help the average U.S. Expatriate to become compliant with the IRS.

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Estate Planning

When a loved one dies, you may find that you are suddenly in unfamiliar territory but you still have the obligation to move forward with unknown speed to not only have personal closing in losing your loved one but to legally and financially close out their life that you quite possibly will not be all that familiar with when it comes to their wishes, preferences, financial matter and obligations, extended family and possible new individuals that come forward that are a complete unknown to you.

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Tax Planning

Each and every part of your business and personal life has some form of tax planning attached to it. Preparation is the key to a successful tax outcome. While every client is different and every return unique, we spend time with our clients, getting to know their business and personal life to sort out their needs.

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